Keep Your Pets and Children safe with the gate shut gate closer

Sizes For : 

  • Pet Gates
  • Pool Gates
  • Farm Gates


  • Ranch Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Safety Gates
Gate shut Gate Closers

Taking Gate Security to the Next Level with our Revolutionary Gate Closer Spring

Anyone who owns a gate knows how important it is to keep the gate securely closed and fastened at all times – especially if that gate is the only thing standing between playing children, thousands of dollars worth of livestock, and a wide open space.

We at the Gate Shut Company understand this, and are dedicated to one thing: the security of your property with our patented gate spring.

Installation of the small gate closer

Here, you can learn more about the revolutionary Gate Shut™ spring gate closer and how it allows you to close your gate automatically, without complicated internal mechanisms, faulty hydraulic systems, electricity, or human intervention of any kind.

As you will see, all you need is a gate and the desire to keep your gates closed. It is just that simple.

We pride ourselves on our product and our service to you. Check out our Product page to learn more about the incredible opportunity this gate spring offers and how you can order one for yourself.

At the Gate Shut Company, we believe that you shouldn’t leave your family or your livelihood up to chance. That is why we are taking gate security to the next level. Get on that level today with the Gate Shut™ gate closer spring.