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About Us

The Gate Shut™ spring gate closer is a revolutionary product that takes the idea of a gate closing device to an entirely new level.  Ordinary gate closers that claim to work either use internal springs – which rust – or hydraulic closers – which not only rust but also get bent.  In short, they are not reliable – and when you have thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money invested in livestock, you cannot afford to rely on an unreliable product.

More importantly, this product works to keep children safe and secure from harm by ensuring that they remain safe in your yard.  The safety of your children is paramount – which is one reason why the Gate Shut™ spring was created.

Here’s how it works.  The Gate Shut™ device is crafted from tempered, high-grade spring steel in a spiral shape.  It is installed around a fence or gate post and uses a highly-reliable, no-fail spring action to close the gate every time. Plus, the Gate Shut™ ‘s powder-coated finish ensures that the product will not rust. We are so confident that our product is reliable that we offer a two-year replacement guarantee – a testament to the confidence we have in our gate closer.

The Gate Shut™ gate spring is available in four different styles, to give you plenty of options for your gates:

  1. Small chain link gates (3-4’ pool and yard gates)
  2. Small flat gates (3-5’ pool and yard gates)
  3. Small agriculture and ranch gates (4-8’)
  4. Large agriculture and ranch gates (10-16’)

The Gate Shut™ is made entirely in the USA and is patented with patent number 6477736.

Two-year replacement guarantee
In the unlikely event your Gate Shut™ device breaks, we offer a Two-year replacement guarantee, simply send us your broken Gate Shut™ gate closer and we will send you a new one completely Free!

If you want a reliable gate closing and opening device that will work, without fail, every single time, then the Gate Shut™ spring gate closer is for you 

If you have children, own livestock, or have a fenced-in yard, you probably understand how something as simple as keeping a gate closed can be so frustrating – and dangerous.

With the invention of the Gate Shut™ gate closure device, these frustrations are a thing of the past.

The Gate Shut Company proudly offers to you the Gate Shut™, a gate closer designed to bring simplicity, reliability, and consistency to your farm, ranch, or home.  The patented gate closer spring with it’s external spiral design, constructed out of weather-resistant, tempered high-grade spring steel, is guaranteed to close your gate without electricity or human intervention at all.  You no longer have to worry about leaving your children or livestock vulnerable; with the Gate Shut™ gate spring,  security is automatic.

Small gate closer for chain link gates
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The Gate Shut™ gate spring is as tough and durable as it is useful.  With powder-coated finish and complete lack of complex moving mechanisms that other gate-closure devices have, this product will not rust, break, or warp.  All you have to do is install it on your fence post and let it do it’s job – keeping your property secure.

Plus, this product comes in three convenient sizes, so that no matter how large of a gate you own, we have a solution for your gate closure needs that works.

Here is the bottom line. Do you have a fence with a gate and have a need to keep it shut? If so, this gate closer spring is for you.

Take the first and most important step in making sure your children, livestock, and property are secure.  Order the Gate Shut™ gate spring today.